INTERVENTION is just what it sounds like. We will be intervening to put a STOP to the things such as (SUICIDED,Bullying, Childhood Molestations and or Sexual Assault, Depression, Cyber Bullying, etc) by way of counseling, standing in the GAP, being first responders, providing grief sessions for victims, encouraging and motivating victims and instilling in them that Their Lives Matter1

Please STAND with us as we tackle this epidemic! IT is a crisis, but we have the answer and HIS name is JESUS!

If you can, please contact us to see how you can help, or please sow a seed into this great cause by going to website to donate or go to and type in : to donate!

PS: If you know someone who is battling suicide thoughts or who have withdrawn from normal activities, family, and friends, or have thoughts of worthliness, please contact the suicide line at : 1-800-273-8255

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